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Hip Hop Crew Info







Audition: Thursday, June 21st @ 4pm @ the surprise location


Our hip hop crew is for intermediate/advanced dancers aged 8-18 who LOVE all things hip hop, want to perform and compete, build confidence and make new friends. Dancers will participate in 3-5 community events, compete at 3 regional competitions and perform in recitals. Dancers on team must be enrolled in a minimum of two classes (one hip technique class and one additional class of their choice- jazz or acro highly suggested) and be able to add the crew rehearsal class on Thursdays from 4:00-4:55pm.


Attendance/Time Commitment

  • Dancers will need to maintain good attendance in their technique classes and rehearsal class. Students with excessive absences may be asked to leave the crew.

o 3 unexcused absences- probation

o 5 unexcused absences- dismissal

o Missing the rehearsal prior to a performance is not acceptable and may result in the dancer being removed from a dance.

  • We will pursue 7-8 events per year. These events will usually happen on weekends and every effort will be made to ensure that families are given at least a month’s notice before an event. Sometimes last minute opportunities will arise and if the event is deemed beneficial for our dancers we will pursue it.

  • Dancers must be on time to classes and performances.


Events are mandatory. We will do everything in our power to have the schedule set in stone by early September. Many of the organizations that hold these events require a minimum amount of participants so if there are not enough participants or if someone backs out at the last minute it jeopardizes the opportunity for the entire team. If you have a prior commitment (i.e.; a family vacation, graduation, etc.) that would pose a conflict with any weekend during the year you MUST submit it in writing to the studio by August 1st 2018 so we can avoid scheduling an event during that time if possible.


Tentative Event Schedule


  • Arizona Diamondbacks pre-game performance- Sunday, September 23rd, Noon. Tickets are $28 per person and performers will need a ticket.

  • AZ State Fair- Date/Time TBD (The fair runs from October 5th-28th so it will be a weekend in this date range) Performers are free, additional tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for children.

  • Glendale Glitters- Date/Time TBD (it is in December)

  • Competitions are usually between February-May, Dates and Times TBD. Competition Fees are usually $50 per dancer.

  • Maricopa County Fair- time/date TBD, (it is usually in April). Performers are free and additional tickets are $10 for adults and $7 for children.

  • Carnival Cruise Performance- 3 day Carnival Imagination cruise departing Long Beach, CA and visiting Ensenada, MX on June 6, 2019! Various pricing tiers available ranging from $381 per person for quad occupancy.


Financial Commitment

  • Families will need to add the rehearsal class to their dancer’s current class schedule and be sure they are in a hip hop technique class and at least one additional class. For example, if a dancer is already taking two classes they will need to add the rehearsal class for a total of three classes.

  • Dancers will need to purchase their team uniform (approx. $65), team warm ups (approx. $60-$80), and athletic shoes specified by Miss Caitlin.

  • Some performances may require an admission fee (i.e.; competition fees.).

  • Family accounts must be in good standing (no outstanding balances for tuition, costumes, etc.) in order to participate in performances.

  • The hip hop dance crew is a yearlong commitment from July 2018-May 2019 and there will be a $250 early termination fee for any dancer that decides to leave the team mid-season to cover extra rehearsals for restaging.


Social Commitment

  • The hip hop dance crew is designed to help give students numerous opportunities for dance exposure. It is meant to be a positive experience and all members (dancers, parents and teachers) are expected to encourage and support one another. Things like bullying, gossiping and fighting will not be tolerated.

  • If an issue arises please discuss it with the director immediately.

  • When representing Heart and Sole Performing Arts LLC, all members (dancers, parents and teachers) are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner.

  • Social Media is great tool for sharing our dancers’ accomplishments, however, please do not post videos/photos without the consent of the director as some student’s parents are not okay with their children being broadcast in this way.

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