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Recital Information



Surprise Location:

  • Tuesday,  November 19th 5:00pm-8pm- Picture Day at the STUDIO.

  • Wednesday, November 20th 5:00pm-8:00pm- Mandatory Tech Rehearsal at the STUDIO.

  • Thursday, November 21st 5:00pm-8:00pm- Mandatory Dress Rehearsal at Valley Vista  Performing Arts Center.

  • Friday, November 22nd at 6pm- Recital at Valley Vista Performing Arts Center.

  • Saturday, November 23rd at 2pm- Recital at Valley Vista Performing Arts Center.

Avondale Location

  • Wednesday, December 18th 5:30pm-7pm- Picture Day at the STUDIO.

  • Thursday, December 19th 5:30pm - 7pm - Mandatory Tech/ Dress Rehearsal at the STUDIO.

  • Friday, December 20th at 6pm- Recital at Westview High School Performing Arts Center.

  • Saturday, December 21st at 2pm- Recital at Westview High School Performing Arts Center.


           Heart and Sole Performing Arts is proud to partner with Dance Recital Ticketing as our exclusive ticket distributor! Our families are able to jump online, select their seats and purchase tickets from the convenience of their own home! No waiting in long lines and no worries about saving seats! Advance online tickets are $10 each and $15 (cash only) at the door so be sure to purchase early! Children under 3 who do not require a seat are free. (Please note, online ticket sales will end one day prior to each performance) The link to purchase tickets is:



  • Students must attend class regularly in order to be eligible to perform in the recital. Heart and Sole Performing Arts LLC reserves the right to remove students who are NOT attending classes on a regular basis from the recital. Students with more than 2 unexcused absences will not be allowed to participate in the recital.


  • Participants may not be allowed to perform if they miss or leave dress rehearsal early or are extremely late to performances (even in the event of an emergency). Dress rehearsal is the one shot dancers have to adjust their choreography to the stage, learn proper on /off stage behavior, and practice costume changes. Missing dress rehearsal jeopardizes their safety and the safety of others.




  • All participants of this event must be respectful of one another and the facility at all times. Bullying, fighting, yelling and/or the use of profanity by a student or their families or guests will be grounds for immediate dismissal from the show and studio. Please no food or drink in the theater and be sure to discard any trash in proper receptacles.

  • Please note, all family accounts must be in good standing in order for the dancer(s) to participate in the performance.

  • Dancer safety is of the utmost importance. Dancers will be checked in at the dressing room before the event and will only be released to their parent/guardian after the event has concluded. Parents are not allowed backstage during the show. Dancers will be supervised by approved volunteers throughout the event.

  • Tech & Dress rehearsals are closed rehearsals and dancers should be accompanied by only one parent/guardian. Non-performing siblings are not allowed for safety reasons.

  • No photography or videotaping is allowed during the show. We will have a professional videographer for the event.


  • Costumes will be handed out two  to three weeks prior to recital. Please note, all family accounts must be in good standing for costumes to be released. Costumes will only be released the participant and are not able to be released to friends.

  • Please label all of your dancer's costumes, accessories, shoes and tights. Heart and Sole Performing Arts is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please note, due to high demand and delays in shipping, some costumes may change. Please view our website to confirm the costume for your dancer's class.

  • Most costumes will require tan or pink tights that can be purchased in studio for your convenience.  All dancers should have an extra pair on hand for emergencies. Be sure to purchase early to ensure that we have your dancer's size in stock. Please DO NOT purchase pantyhose from big box stores as they will not be the same color as the rest of the class and will not offer adequate coverage under the stage lighting.

  • Costumes should not be worn or washed before the show. We will not be able to replace any lost or damaged pieces before the show.

  • Female dancers should not have any undergarments showing. Tights take the place of underwear and clear bra straps are expected. Male dancers will need to invest in a dance belt.

  • To "steam press" any costume containing tulle (tutus), hang the costume in a bathroom during a shower. The steam will help with wrinkles.

  • All dancers must have the correct shoes as outlined in our dress code for the performance.

  • Please be reminded that costumes are mass produced to fit general size ranges. If a dancer falls between sizes it is customary to order the larger size and minor alterations may need to be made. Alterations are the parent's responsibility.







When dancers are on stage, their facial expressions can add to and enhance the movements of a particular piece. Not wearing makeup in a performance can cause a dancer's face to look blank from the audience's perspective, being washed out by the spotlights and stage lighting. It is important for an audience to be able to see the dancers' eyes and mouths. Here are some tips to properly apply stage makeup for your next performance.

Foundation (for older students) should be applied that either matches the dancer's skin tone, or is slightly darker. Naturally pale-skinned dancers should try to use a foundation that is darker or more pink than their natural tone. To highlight the facial structure and give more emphasis on the face when on stage, use rouge or blush in streaks - across the forehead, across the upper portion of the cheekbones, down the top of the nose, and on the chin. Remember to blend these streaks into the foundation with a sponge, which will create a softer, sun-kissed look.

A lip pencil can be used to make smaller lips more prominent. Outline the lips with pencil, and then fill in with a similarly-colored lipstick. Red lipstick is typically used because it stands out on stage, but any shade that is brighter than daily wear (in red or burgundy tones) will work. Using a lipstick that is too dark, or more on the purple side, will look out of place on stage.

For eyeshadow, natural colors work best, such as browns or dark purples. The "smoky eye" effect can provide a dramatic look onstage, but may be too much for younger dancers. The point of most stage makeup is to look like a more enhanced version of your natural tones. Whatever colors are used for eyeshadows, remember to put a bright color in the center of the eyelid just above the pupil to make the eye appear to be open wider.

Please see the following make up tutorial for help:

    As always, if you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

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