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Practice makes progress!

Dance, like any other endeavor that is worthwhile, takes time and practice to become successful.The truth? Dancers NEED to be practicing at home. Here's how I like to break it down to the students; imagine learning to read and write in the time we spend at dance class. First you start with the alphabet, words, framing sentences, grammar, punctuation, style, etc. If we only focused on these things for 55 minutes once a week it would take AGES before we were fluent enough to read a simple novel or write an essay. Dance is very much the same way. You have your alphabet (technique), words (pieces of choreography), sentences (routines), grammar (transitions and understanding the physiology involved to get from point A to point B), punctuation (performance quality), etc. I remember one rehearsal where I mentioned that the students should "practice their axle turn 65 times before I saw them the next week" and I was met with gasps of horror and some giggles from those who didn't think I could be serious. The thing is, if every student practiced that turn 10 times each day it would take them less than one minute each day and they'd come back to class even stronger.

We get it, life is busy so here are some tips to get all your "dance homework" done in 10 minutes each day:

  • During recital time utilize our website to access music for recital routines. If each dancer performs their routine in the kitchen or backyard at least once per day it will help with muscle memory significantly.

  • Don't have access to music? Go over your dances or combinations with counts!

  • Limited on space? Do each dance or progression in your head from beginning to end. Even thinking about the steps daily will help with knowledge of the routine.

  • Forgot a part of the dance or unsure about something? Write it down and ask your teacher the next time you see them.

  • Arrived at dance class early? Go over your dances!

  • Waiting for your mom to pick you up from dance? Go over your dances!

  • Lastly, ask us questions!!! We can't help if we don't know that something is wrong.

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