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Recycling costumes

Now that recital season is over you may be wondering what to do with the tons of sequin adorned balls of tulle you have (or will) no doubt accumulate after a few seasons of your little one dancing. Outside of having the world's largest dress up collection or donating to a local thrift store there are options. Listed below are ideas that range from creating space-saving keepsakes to helping those in need!

Costume Quilts-

Feeling crafty? Why not construct a quilt made of old costumes, recital shirts or other sentimental items like a first leotard? There are tutorials and examples galore on social media platforms like Pinterest. For the less crafty there are companies like Keepsake Stitches ( that can turn memories in masterpieces.

Traveling Tutus- is an amazing organization that collects gently used dance wear and costuming for dancers all over the world who do not have access to these resources.

Buy/Sell/Trade Groups-

Chances are, there is a Facebook group near you that is dedicated to the swapping of dance items. Your old costumes may be exactly what someone else needs!

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