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 About The Company:    


     Heart and Sole Performing Arts L.L.C., is located in the beautiful cities of Avondale and Surprise, AZ. Our mission is to create an atmosphere of passion, discipline and respect for the art of dance. Children who discover and develop their artistic voice early on build self confidence that will carry over into their academic and social lives. We want children to walk away from every class feeling happy with their accomplishments and the work it took to get there.  In each class we will strive to give your child the encouragement and direction they need to excel.

     At Heart and Sole Performing Arts L.L.C. we are absolutely committed to using music, costuming and dance movements that are age appropriate and family friendly. In the coming years we hope to culturally enrich and be an active part of the communities we serve. Conversely, it is important for our students to experience dance beyond our walls through various performance opportunities, master classes and touring shows. Lastly, we believe that dance is a family affair. students of all ages and abilities are welcome.



 We know that you have a choice when it comes to dance instruction and are honored that you are considering Heart and Sole Performing Arts L.L.C. as your home for dance training.


"Dance is where the heart is"


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