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Ballet (Ages 6-18): Ballet is a structured class where dancers learn and refine fundamental technique and artistry. Beginning with warm-up and barre exercises, the class focuses on building strength, balance, and precision. As dancers progress to the center, they practice more complex movements and choreography. Ballet classes emphasize proper posture, alignment, and control, catering to various skill levels while fostering artistic expression. As dancers progress beyond the beginning level, they will take multiple classes per week. 


Tap (Ages 6-18): Tap is a rhythmic and percussive dance form characterized by the use of special shoes with metal taps on the soles. Dancers create intricate beats and patterns by striking the floor with their feet, transforming movement into a musical expression. Tap classes typically involve learning fundamental steps, improving technique through drills, and mastering choreographed routines. Rooted in both history and entertainment, tap dance combines athleticism with artistry, offering a unique and engaging dance experience.


Hip Hop (4-18): Hip hop is an energetic and dynamic dance style rooted in urban culture and music. It originated as a street dance form and has evolved into a diverse and expressive art. In hip hop classes, participants learn a variety of movements, including isolations, popping, locking, and breaking. The emphasis is on individuality, creativity, and self-expression, allowing dancers to incorporate their unique style into choreography. Hip hop classes often feature upbeat music, fostering a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere where participants can explore rhythm, coordination, and the freedom of movement.


Jazz (Ages 4-18): Jazz dance is a dynamic and expressive style that blends elements of ballet, modern dance, and African dance traditions. Known for its versatility and syncopated rhythms, jazz dance encompasses a wide range of styles, from Broadway and musical theater to contemporary and street jazz. In jazz classes, participants learn a diverse set of movements, including isolations, leaps, and turns, often set to upbeat and diverse musical styles. Jazz dance emphasizes individual expression, style, and a strong connection to the music, making it a vibrant and exciting genre that continues to evolve.


Contemporary (Ages 6-18): Contemporary dance is a fluid and expressive form that draws inspiration from various dance styles, including ballet and modern dance. Characterized by its freedom of movement, versatility, and emphasis on individual expression, contemporary dance often explores emotions, narratives, and abstract concepts. In contemporary classes, dancers engage in a creative process, incorporating elements like floor work, improvisation, and unique choreographic approaches. This genre encourages a deep connection between movement and emotion, fostering a sense of personal interpretation and innovation within the dance form. 


Lyrical (Ages 6-18): Lyrical dance is a graceful and emotive style that combines elements of ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance. Focused on conveying emotions and storytelling through movement, lyrical dance often features fluid and expressive choreography. Dancers strive to interpret the lyrics and mood of the accompanying music, incorporating techniques such as flowing movements, sustained balances, and dynamic lifts. Lyrical dance classes emphasize the fusion of technical precision with emotional connection, allowing for a captivating and poignant dance experience.


Sweetheart Combo Classes (Ages 3, 4 & 5): Age specific Ballet and tap combo classes offer a delightful introduction to the world of dance. In these classes, young dancers explore the basics of ballet and tap in a developmentally appropriate, playful and engaging way. The curriculum includes imaginative exercises, creative movement, and simple choreography, all tailored to capture the attention and enthusiasm of preschool-aged children. The combination of ballet fosters poise, grace, and body awareness, while tap introduces rhythmic footwork and encourages a sense of musicality. These classes provide a fun and nurturing environment where little ones can develop coordination, social skills, and a love for the joy of dance.


Sweetheart and Me (Ages 18 months to 3 years and an adult): Sweetheart and Me is a delightful and interactive dance experience designed for young children and their parents or caregivers. In these classes, the focus is on fostering a bond between the child and their adult companion through the joy of movement. Parents actively participate alongside their little ones, assisting with simple ballet exercises, creative movements, and playful activities. The class introduces basic ballet concepts in a fun and age-appropriate manner, promoting coordination, musicality, and a shared sense of accomplishment. It's a wonderful opportunity for both child and parent to explore the magic of dance together in a supportive and nurturing environment.


Acro (Ages 4-18): Acro dance is a dynamic fusion of acrobatics and dance, seamlessly blending gymnastic elements with choreographed movements. In acro classes, participants develop strength, flexibility, and balance, incorporating flips, twists, and balances into their routines. Unlike traditional gymnastics, acro dance emphasizes the artistic integration of acrobatic skills within a dance context. Dancers learn to seamlessly transition between acrobatic feats and dance sequences, creating a visually compelling and physically demanding performance style. Acro dance combines athleticism and grace, offering a unique and exciting form of movement expression.


Pointe (Ages 12 and up with instructor approval): Pointe dance is a specialized and advanced form of ballet where dancers perform on the tips of their toes, wearing specially designed pointe shoes. Pointe work requires strength, balance, and technical precision. In pointe classes, dancers develop the ability to support their entire body weight on the tips of their toes while executing intricate and elegant movements. Pointe work adds an ethereal and graceful dimension to ballet performances, showcasing the skill and artistry of dancers who have mastered this challenging and iconic technique.


Turns and Leaps (Ages 8-18): Turns and Leaps is an energetic and dynamic class focused on refining the skills essential for executing impressive turns and leaps. Geared towards dancers with a foundational dance background, the class emphasizes techniques such as spotting, balance, and proper body alignment to enhance the quality of turns. Participants also work on achieving greater height, extension, and control in their leaps. This specialized class provides a dedicated space for dancers to hone their athleticism, agility, and artistic expression, ultimately elevating their overall dance performance. 


Stretch and Conditioning (Ages 6-18): Stretch and Conditioning is a class designed to enhance dancers' flexibility, strength, and overall physical conditioning. In this class, participants engage in a series of targeted exercises that focus on stretching major muscle groups, improving range of motion, and building core strength. The class may incorporate elements of yoga, Pilates, and traditional conditioning techniques. Dancers benefit not only in terms of increased flexibility but also in injury prevention and enhanced performance quality. It's a valuable complement to dance training, providing a foundation for greater control, endurance, and resilience in movement.

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